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  Auction ID: 1515924


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Palm Springs, CA
Final High Bid: 20.00
This auction has expired
on June 10, 2021 4:00 PM
Unit Size:   5 x 7
Cleaning Deposit:   $100.00
Cleanout Time:   72 Hrs
Sales Tax:   9.25%
Payment Options:   Cash

Unit Appears to Contain

air compressor , air tanks , bed, lawn mower
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Bids on this unit: 2

Additional Information

Notice to Buyers: This is to inform the buyers prior to the sale that all bidders must register with Storage Treasures and by doing so acknowledge these rules of the auction.
1. StorQuest reserves the right to cancel any sale if the bids are, in the discretion of StorQuest, unreasonable.
2. Buyer acknowledges that he or she is bidding on all items within the unit and all items must be removed within 72 hours and the unit must be cleaned.
3. When the Buyer has been awarded the unit he/she must pay cash upon conclusion of the auction for the unit in the amount of the bid and unless a valid reseller certificate is provided tax must also be paid on the amount of the bid. The surcharge percentage will be announced prior to the start of any auction.
4. The Buyer must provide a $100 security deposit and must remove all goods within a seventy-two hour period or the goods will become the property of StorQuest, unless, the Buyer signs a lease agreement for said unit, and pays the current month’s rent in full. Failure to remove all goods or sign a lease will result in Buyer forfeiting the security deposit. Buyer is responsible for securing the unit holding such property until the items are removed from the facility. This facility will not refund money for goods paid for and not removed in accordance with the deadline. Bidder releases StorQuest from responsibility for the disposal of said property.
5. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to immediately return all personal property, papers, photos, legal documents, tax returns, bank statements, yearbooks, etc. to StorQuest for return to tenant in the future.
6. The Buyer acknowledges that in certain circumstances StorQuest may contact the Buyer and request that certain items be purchased back in order to prevent any court action with said tenant, the Buyer also agrees to sell to StorQuest such items for (a) the cost at which Buyer purchased such items plus (b) any reasonable actual costs incurred by Buyer in connection with such items.
7. This agreement pertains to this and all future sales this Buyer attends at any StorQuest facility.
8. StorQuest reserves the right to refuse entrance to any Buyer at future auctions due to failure to follow these rules or any other unacceptable behavior at the auction.
9. Bidders acknowledge that bid rigging and / or collusion is a felony and a violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act. All suspected instances will be reported to the U.S. Justice Department.
10. All bidders agree to hold harmless and indemnify StorQuest, auctioneer, and Auction Company from any and all claims.
11. Bidders must be at least 18 years old.
12. Photography and video recordings are not permitted on StorQuest property without the written consent of StorQuest.
13. Employees and family members of employees are not permitted to participate in any StorQuest auctions as this creates an unnecessary conflict of interest.
14. All auctions are WITH RESERVE and therefore all units may be withdrawn from sale at any time by StorQuest.
15. A sale is not deemed completed until all money due is paid by the high bidder at the auction and received by StorQuest and all property is removed from the unit by the high bidder or a lease is executed for the rental of the unit. A bidder’s remedy for a cancelled sale is limited to the return of the money paid for the unit at auction.
16. StorQuest does not accept any liability on the goods purchased at the time of the sale. Goods purchased are in an “AS-IS” condition. No guarantees or warranties of any type or kind are expressed or implied with the purchase of any items. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

Auction Rules

NOTICE TO BIDDERS: When placing a bid, the buyer accepts the fact that he or she is entering into a legal binding contract. The following auction rules apply. (Highlights from Terms of Use)

  • $10 Bid Increments
  • Bids placed within the last 3 minutes will extend the auction so 3 minutes are added to the remaining time (refresh your screen often to see the most updated bid amount)
  • If you have a basic plan on StorageTreasures your buyer's premium is 15%. If you are a Pro Member your buyer's premium is only 10%. Upgrade for only $10 and Save!
  • In addition to the buyer premium, a 10% deposit of the sale price will be charged to the card on file.
  • The defaulted tenant has the legal right to cure the account thus cancelling the auction up until the cash payment is received from the winning bidder unless otherwise stated in the state's lien laws or by the storage facility.
  • The cleaning deposit may vary by storage facility. Please check information for each auction.
  • The storage facility is responsible for collecting the cleaning deposit
  • Clean out time may vary by storage facility. Please check information for each auction
  • Sales tax may be collected at the facility unless verification of exemption is provided
  • All auction unit(s) are subject to cancellation by the storage facility
  • If the winning bidder has not submitted payment within 24 hours of the auction close time, the unit can be offered to alternate bidders.
  • Bidders are liable for their winning bids and associated premiums, taxes, and fees regardless of whether they claim the property in the auction unit(s)
  • By registering and bidding on, an auction buyer agrees not to dispute any credit card charges processed through this site.
  • Violation of any terms may prevent you from using the StorageTreasures services

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