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StorageTreasures, LLC

StorageTreasures is a free, social site to find live onsite storage auctions or online auctions at any self-storage facility across the United States and Canada. Members can bid on storage units online from participating facilities. was founded by SSA members and self-storage professionals who have more than 60 years of experience in the self-storage industry!

A Leader in the Industry

StorageTreasures has revolutionized the way in which the contents of self-storage units are marketed and publicly auctioned after the lessee has failed to pay rent. The site fills the gap between the operational systems that the industry currently utilizes and the public buyer who may be interested in the contents of a unit that is going to auction. The tools StorageTreasures provides allows the storage industry not only to comply with, but also to exceed the intent of state laws governing the self-storage industry, protecting tenants and bidders alike.

OpenTech Alliance, Inc.

Welcome to OpenTech—a technology company providing innovative solutions and exceptional service for property owners and storage customers. Our Vision is to positively impact lives by creating limitless opportunities for a better future.
Our Values:

  • Doing it Right – we behave in a way that makes our grandmothers proud of us.
  • Passion – we are emotional about what we do and how we do it.
  • Kaizen – we are committed to continuously improving our people, processes, and solutions.
  • Innovation – we like to solve difficult problems.
  • Positive Vibes – we approach everything we do, and everyone we come in contact with in a positive manner.

From garage startup to global self-storage solutions provider.

OpenTech was started by Robert Chiti in 2003 in his garage, where he purchased a patent for a self-service system that rented self-storage units and processed customer payments. It was just a piece of paper—no software, no hardware, no service offering. With limited funding—but a sound technology and service concept—Robert and his team successfully built the company from the ground up. It is now a global self-storage solutions provider.

Our specialty? Connecting storage owners to tenants.

OpenTech provides solutions that connect storage owners with tenants. Through the development of a complete line of automated kiosks, call center services and online renting, the INSOMNIAC brand has become an integral part of the self-storage industry. Our self-storage rental solutions increase revenues and improve customer convenience, while reducing operating costs and workload. For thousands of self-storage owners worldwide, OpenTech has become a place for reliable, around-the-clock support.

Doing it right.

Each of OpenTech's founders had worked at companies in the past that did things that they didn't feel were right. They witnessed what happened when companies took shortcuts, bent the truth or got greedy. Our founders knew that OpenTech would not be a "get rich quick" plan. Instead, our goal was to build a company we could be proud of—one that would attract quality employees, partners and customers. We decided that "doing it right" was the perfect guiding principal for our business.

Over 200 employees strong and growing.

OpenTech, based in Phoenix, Arizona, employs over 200 self-storage specialists. We provide exciting career opportunities and a vibrant work environment for our employees. In fact, in 2014 OpenTech was voted one of the Top Companies to Work For in Arizona.

From the President & CEO

We started OpenTech in 2003 in my garage. We purchased a patent for a self service system that rented self storage units and processed customer payments. It was just a piece of paper, no software, no hardware, no service, limited funding, and minimal experience in the self storage industry. Before we started coding, designing, marketing or selling we invested many hours talking about what kind of company we wanted to be. There were a two non-negotiable principals that we identified:

Doing it Right — each of the founders had worked at companies in our past that did things that we felt were not right.

Being Open — it is with this principal in mind that we launched the OpenTech Alliance Partner Program, which promotes open interfaces to all the technology solutions we develop.

As we continue to develop new innovative products and services to help self storage owners run their businesses we will continue to be the kind of company you want to do business with. The self storage industry has become our home and the people in it our friends. Not everyone in the self storage business will purchase one of our products or use one of our services, but we think of all of them as friends. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our company.



Robert A. Chiti

President and CEO
OpenTech Alliance, Inc.


  Customer Support: (480) 397-6503

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